About Stratford Landscape Supply

Stratford Landscape Supply was founded by Joseph Plitt in 2009 as an affordable means to supply his landscape company, J Landscaping.  Because of Joseph's demand for quality along with his determination to offer affordable products, Stratford Landscape Supply has been offering only the best materials at competitive prices to anyone looking to do any kind of landscaping ever since the shop first opened.


The Stratford Landscape Supply Family

Joseph Plitt

Joseph has been perfecting his skills as a landscape professional through the ownership of J Landscaping, which began operations in 2004.  Joseph has always been curious, constantly challenging himself to learn and grow.  Through tinkering around in his own back yard and talking to a few knowledgeable friends, Joseph began to realize that it might be a good idea to grow the plants he uses in landscapes instead of purchasing them.

In 2009, Joseph was able to start the propagation house and begin the growing process.  After a couple of years, he had enough plant material to not only supply J Landscaping, but to open his own nursery.  In the fall of 2011, Stratford Landscape Supply was born.  Even though he still grows many of the plants you see at the store, it’s not possible to grow everything.  In support of what Joseph grows, Stratford Landscape sources the best plant materials from local growers.  If there is something we don’t have in stock, we can find it.

Chin Chin Plitt

A full time artist for many years, Chin Chin decided to become a stay at home mother when their son Lucas was born in 2003.  Although her focus was constantly on her family and her artwork, Chin Chin would provide Joseph moral support and contributed her time and abilities to the business.

Once Stratford Landscape Supply became a reality, it became necessary for Chin Chin to help out with store activities.  Given her artistic background and her constant desire to create things, Chin Chin began building store samples of our stone and brick work.  Today, Chin Chin is still very involved at job sites helping direct the project, making sure every stone or brick that is laid looks great.  Whatever the medium, Chin Chin’s ability to design and create is a true asset to Stratford Landscape Supply.

Lucas & Buck

Every once in a while you may see Lucas hanging around the office playing on an iPad or playing with Buck, our big fluffy dog.  Lucas walking Buck is for sure a sight to see since Buck is so big next to Lucas.  These guys are our family, Lucas and Buck.

Thankfully, Lucas only visits the store occasionally as his schedule is crammed with school, Tae Kwon Do, and friends.  Buck, on the other hand, is normally a store mainstay.  Buck is a Komondor, sometimes called a mop dog.  His playful friendliness is popular among customers who sometimes stop by just to see how he is getting along!  It is a joy to have Lucas and Buck around as life could be pretty uninteresting without them around.