The Best Fall Seasonal Color Options for Your Property

Fall is here and the leaves are already changing, bringing beautiful colors all around us. This should inspire us to add touches of color to our own gardens and landscaping efforts, especially with darker winters on their way. There are lots of plants and shrubs you can choose to brighten up your garden and create a beautiful array of colors.

Let’s look at some ways to add seasonal colors to your property.


There are lots of shrubs you can plant to create a rainbow of colors. Lots of them display vibrant red leaves in fall, such as the Boston Ivy and the Oakleaf Hydrangea. The Witch Hazel is another great option with foliage that turns from yellow, to orange, to red through the seasons. The Spruce has pulled together a more comprehensive list of colorful shrubs that work well for fall landscaping.


As leaves turn through fall, trees planted in your yard will create a fiery array of colors. Then, when the leaves fall, you have perfect materials for organic mulch and composting. For bright yellows, the Gingko is a beautiful fall tree, while the Sugar Maple produces a range of colors from yellows to reds. Sumac also produces nice bright, rich reds and almost purples throughout the fall season. Find out more colorful trees for your fall landscaping.


Flowers are the obvious choice for adding color to your yard, but it’s important to choose those that will flower brightly throughout fall, rather than relying solely on spring and summer blooms. Brightly-colored pansies and violas are strong choices for color, and the celosia brings wonderfully traditional fall colors to your landscape. Check out this list of 15 flowers to bring you fall color inspiration.


Mulch doesn’t just have to be used to improve the health of your garden. It can also add decorative touches to your garden and even add color. You can use different kinds of wood chips, for example, that create different hues around your flower beds, from the lighter color of pine needles to darker-hued tree barks. Dyed mulch is also a popular choice to add color, with red dyed mulch for example.

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