Winter Landscaping Tips for Curb Appeal

Everything starts turning a little darker and less colorful when winter arrives. And once the brightly colored lights and decorations are put away for the year, this lack of color can really take away from your home’s curb appeal. If you’re trying to sell your home in the new year or if you just want to brighten up the sight you come home to every day, there are still lots of landscaping tips to follow to add curb appeal in winter.

Start with the basics

Before you think about planting anything, there is some simple maintenance you can do to improve the look of your front lawn. Make sure the grass is trimmed and any surviving plants, trees, and shrubs are pruned and trimmed. Get rid of any dead plants and clear fallen leaves from your lawn.

Cold-hardy planting

Not all plants are unable to survive in the dead of winter. If you choose carefully, you can still have some colors blooming away throughout the season. There are lots of annuals and evergreens that you can add to your yard, like holly, heather, pansies, and Helleborus. The red bark of dogwood provides a stark contrast against the white snow in winter.

Most winter blooming plants are best to plant in spring or fall in preparation for winter. If your ground has already frozen, you can still buy potted plants that are fit for cold weather. Placing these around your front door and garden path can really brighten up the front of your home.

Add color to your soil

Colored mulch is a great way to brighten up your lawn while keeping your soil nourished throughout winter. Red dyed mulch, for example, helps to brighten up a dying lawn and adds to the Christmassy color palette. Placing colored gravel around pathways and garden features is another idea for adding more color to your landscape.

Add decorative features

Water features and concrete statues can add interest to an otherwise bare lawn. You can use these to draw the eye towards certain parts of your garden and away from others. A moving water feature also adds some life and movement to your front yard.

Add some curb appeal to your home this winter with these landscaping tips, and make sure you’re prepared for the spring ahead where you can really bring your garden back to life. Stratford Landscape Supply have everything you need to get your yards looking attractive.