Early Planning for Your Spring Garden

People across the country may be looking forward to the start of the professional baseball season in March, but there’s another season heading our way as March is also the time when most garden planting begins. It’s not too far around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start planning for your Spring gardening activity.


What to plant

When choosing what to plant in the Spring months ahead, you’ve got huge amounts of choice. To give you some ideas, here’s a list of 21 different flowers that flourish during Spring. But, looking past personal preference alone, how do you know which ones are right for your garden?

There are a number of factors you should consider when asking this question. For example, think about how much sunlight your garden gets. If it’s well shaded by neighboring trees or fences, then sun-loving plants won’t bloom like you want them to, while a plant such as bloodroot could flourish.

Your soil type is also important. Is it acidic or alkaline? Does it stay dry or frequently get drenched by rain? If you don’t know much about your soil type, this guide will help you determine which kind of plants will suit it best.


When to plant

Now you’ve decided what you’re going to plant this Spring, when exactly should you be planting them?

Early springtime can still be prone to frosty weather, so you should hold off planting anything that won’t stand up against this frost. Any plants and bulbs that aren’t frost-hardy should be planted in pots and kept indoors initially. This gives them a chance to start growing in protected conditions until the frosts pass.

Some plants, such as lilies are better planted in early spring, however. Perennials are also good to plant at this time of year.


Preparing your soil

Your soil may have taken a beating from the wet and frosty weather over Winter, so you should take some time in advance to prepare it for planting season.

If weeds have built up in your garden, then be sure to remove these. Then, you can cultivate your soil simply by turning it over with a spade and treating it with compost to help deliver rich nutrients to the soil. This will produce a good foundation for planting in time for when March comes around.

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