Plant This in Your Garden to Reduce Pollen Allergies

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, which is great news for anyone who loves to work in the garden. But what about those of us who suffer from pollen allergies and other allergies that rear their ugly heads in the springtime? Gardening just isn’t as fun when everything around you makes you sneeze.

So, what can you do to alleviate the suffering that pollen brings with it during spring and summer? Here’s a quick guide to what you should and shouldn’t plant in your garden to help relieve pollen allergies.

How the plant is pollinated

Pollination is the way that plants spread their seeds and create offspring, but not all plants are pollinated in the same way. Allergy sufferers should avoid plants that primarily rely on the wind for pollination, as these result in high levels of pollen in the air as it is carried by the wind. Less showy plants such as wheat, barley, and pine trees, for example, are pollinated in this way.

It is often the brighter, more attractive plants and flowers that are safer for those with allergies, although the sight of them makes you think of summer and allergies at their peak. These flowers attract insects to do their pollination for them, so they land on the flower and take the pollen away to another plant. This means less pollen on your plants and in your garden. Wherever possible, opt for female plants as these are less likely to give off pollen.


Evergreen trees and shrubs are a great investment for any allergic garden lovers. Evergreens get their name because they stay green all year round, meaning they don’t shed their leaves or needles. These means fewer irritants and allergens are released into your garden and the air surrounding it. Evergreen conifers only produce pollen for a short period each year, so these can also be a good investment.

The best plants for allergies

The following plants and shrubs are ideal for allergy sufferers to plant in their garden without worsening their symptoms:

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