How to Use Landscape Stone

Landscaping your garden isn’t all about trees and plants. Landscaping with stones and rocks, also known as hardscaping, is a popular way to add an extra touch of character and texture to your garden. To help you craft the perfect garden, we’ve got some tips for you on what landscape stone can be used for and how to use it.

To protect your soil

Landscape stone can be used in the same way as mulch to protect your soil and the roots of your plants from harsh weather conditions. The benefit of this is that stones can be made permanent features, unlike mulch which will need regularly replacing. Landscape stones are also more attractive than mulch, so they can be used as decorative features while serving an additional purpose of protecting your soil.

As decorative features

The sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to using landscape stone as decoration in your garden. You could choose a large boulder as a main centerpiece for your garden, or position smaller stones around a pond or flowerbed, for example. The color and texture of stones you choose can make a big difference in the appearance of your landscape. White stones can be used to brighten up a dark corner of your garden, while darker stones can produce a warmer, tropical look.

As a feature piece

If you’re looking for a larger feature to place prominently in your garden landscape, then rocks and stones can be the perfect building blocks (literally!). Here are a few ideas of feature pieces you can create using landscape stone:


  • Stone path

  • Fire pit

  • Stone wall

  • Stone furniture

  • Rock water feature

You can really get creative with rock and stone when landscaping your garden, so think about the different ways it would fit well in your garden.

Types of landscape stone

We sell lots of different types of landscape stone that are perfect for using in your garden. These include:

  • Slate

  • Flagstone

  • Riverstone

  • Fieldstone

  • Lava stone

  • Slabs

  • Tumbled block

  • Boulders

…and more! The type of rock you choose will depend on what you plan on using it for and the kind of style you want your landscape to have. This blog runs through some popular landscape stone types and the benefits of using them in your garden.

Ready to get started with landscape stone in your garden? Then we’ve got you covered. We supply landscape materials and services to cities in North Carolina including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville. Get in touch to find out more.