Deer Resistant Gardens

If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort making your garden look perfect, then the last thing you want is the local wildlife coming in and destroying (or eating) all of your hard work. In areas where deer are common, people often complain about the deer getting into their gardens and ruining their plants and shrubs. We want to help you avoid this situation, so read on to find out how to make your garden more deer resistant.

Strong-smelling plants

Plants and flowers that give off a strong odor can deter deer for two reasons. Firstly, if the odor doesn’t appeal to their senses, then they won’t want to eat the plants. Secondly, they are naturally put off going near strong-smelling plants because the smell might get into their fur. This can interfere with their ability to sense predators and find food in their natural environment.

Bitter-tasting plants

Plants like mint and lots of different herbs such as oregano are more than likely safe from being eaten by deer in your garden because they’re just not to the deer’s tastes. The bitter taste puts them off eating them, so they might try them once but then leave them well enough alone.

Spiky or spiny plants

Placing pine trees, for example, or any kind of tree or shrub that has spiky or spiny leaves can be an effective deterrent against deer. These shrubs can cause them pain if they try to eat them or even walk past them, so they’re likely to steer clear. Fruits such as gooseberries are another good example. Although they might taste good, they’re not pleasant for the deer to eat off the bush.

Toxic plants

Plants such as fern, daffodils, and poppies are actually toxic to deer, so will give them an upset stomach if they eat them. So, planting these in your garden can at least stop the deer from eating those particular plants.

Deer deterring mulch

The kind of mulch you spread across your lawn and soil can also act as a deer deterrent. If you mix anything strong smelling into your mulch, such as garlic or soap, this can help to deter deer. Anything that smells of a potential predator can also help, such as human hair or animal manure.

Visit this website for a more comprehensive list of plants and shrubs that help to deter deer. If you need supplies to help make your garden deer resistant, then take a look at the range of products we supply. You can also get in touch to find out more about the landscape services we offer for customers in and around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.