Best Landscaping Shrubs to Plant for Privacy

Do you have nosy neighbors and a garden that isn’t well covered? You want to be able to relax in your backyard, but it can make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable when it is so open for anyone to peer into. You don’t have to install a 10-foot fence around your garden – landscaping can solve this problem. Here are some of the best landscaping shrubs you can plant in your yard to improve its privacy and even block out noise.


This class of shrubs is not the fastest growing on this list, so it may take some time to get your privacy hedge as tall as you’d like it, but they provide great coverage once grown and don’t require as much maintenance as other options. They’re evergreen, so they’ll provide a good coverage all year round. Heights differ from one species to the next, with the Emerald Arborvitae growing to around 10-15 feet and the Nigra Arborvitae reaching 20-30 feet. If you don’t have much space in your garden, then the Emerald Arborvitae is a good choice as it only grows to 2-4 feet wide.


Lilacs will grow to as much as 15 feet tall and add a bit of color to your garden with colorful blossoms in pinks and purples, for example. They grow well in warm, sunny climates. Lilacs are deciduous shrubs, which means they will produce flowers only at certain times of the year. They can grow to between 6-12 feet wide, so make sure you’ve got space for them.


Hydrangeas come in a wide variety of options, depending on what you want for your garden, but they can grow far and wide, making them perfect for privacy. The Nikko Blue Hydrangea is a fast-growing deciduous shrub that can reach 12 feet tall, so it’s a good choice if you want your privacy, fast. You can choose from hydrangea shrubs that flower in a range of colors to suit your garden.  


Hibiscus shrubs typically reach 8-10 feet in height and are ideal for planting as privacy hedges. You can plant them in rows 2-3 feet apart from each other to give them plenty of space to grow and form a thick coverage for your garden. These shrubs also flower in a nice array of colors to make your garden brighter. They grow well in extreme heats and can cope without shade.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to planting landscaping shrubs for increased privacy in your backyard, and these are just a few of the great options. Get in touch with us for more landscaping tips or to order shrubs for your garden.