What Kind of Gravel Is Right for Your Project?

Landscaping your garden isn’t all about plants and statues. Natural stone makes a great addition to your yard in the form of gravel. There are lots of ways in which gravel can be used and just as many variations of the stone. So, in this blog, we’ll help you through your latest landscaping project by helping you choose the right kind of landscape gravel based on your project.

A garden path

If you’re going to be walking over gravel, then you need something that will be soft underfoot and that compacts easily. If your gravel doesn’t compact, then you’re likely to kick it around your yard as you walk across it, creating untidiness. Most gravel with a diameter of ¼ inch or less will be well-suited to pathways. Smooth edges will be preferable over jagged ones as they’ll be more comfortable underfoot.

Drainage stone

Gravel can be used to prevent your garden and soil from becoming waterlogged in heavy rain. It helps to control the drainage of water and to prevent it from forming puddles on the surface of soils and paths. Crushed rock is a good option for drainage. River stone and shell gravel can also be suitable options.

Supporting fence posts

Gravel can be placed around garden fence posts to keep them upright and stable. Many find this to be a more attractive option than placing them in concrete. Pea gravel is a popular material for landscaping projects like this one for their appearance and stability. Combining pea gravel with sand can produce an even more secure base.

Mulch for plants

You can use lots of different types of gravel as mulch around flower beds and the base of trees or shrubs. The type you choose for this will largely come down to your preferences of appearance. Other than this, it is best to go for a medium-sized gravel because smaller stones can be blown away more easily in the wind.

Decorative features

Gravel doesn’t just have functional uses in landscaping, but also decorative ones. You can create rock gardens using gravel or use it to accentuate things like water features and concrete statues. Again, this will mostly come down to aesthetics and your own tastes. Some popular types of gravel for their appearance include pea gravel, marble chips, river rock, and beach pebbles.

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