Autumn Bravo™ Encore® Azalea – 3 gallon


Autumn Bravo™ Encore® Azalea – 3 gallon


Autumn Bravo™ Encore® Azalea is a dense, rounded shrub with single deep orange-red flowers that appear in profusion in the spring and then again for a lighter encore in the fall. This hardy shrub can be grown in full sun and average soil. Leaves are glossy green and stay year round, to offer interest even the more dreary months. They are ideal flowering shrubs for garden beds and borders, foundation plantings or large containers.

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Azalea x ‘Conlen’ PP#11628


  • Pot Size: 3 Gallon
  • Mature Height: 4′
  • Mature Width: 5′
  • Flower Season: Spring through Fall
  • Sun: Full Sun
  • Hardiness Zone: 6 to 9