Autumn Princess™ Encore® Azalea – 3 gallon


Autumn Princess™ Encore® Azalea – 3 gallon


Purple foliage begins to give way to a green color as the seasons change and the gorgeous double pink flowers get ready to bloom on this stunning beauty. When given lots of sun, the Autumn Princess™ Encore® Azalea will gift us its best flowers all throughout spring and fall.

This gorgeous compact azalea shrub improves your landscape when its used as a foundation planting, the colors group together magically, and the color changing foliage contrasts the beautiful flowers beautifully when the Autumn Princess™ is used as a show piece.

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Ericaceae Rhododendron ‘Roblea’ PP#12142


  • Pot Size: 3 Gallon
  • Mature Height: 4′
  • Mature Width: 3′
  • Flower Season: Spring through Fall
  • Sun: Full Sun
  • Hardiness Zone: 6 to 9