Blue Muffin® Viburnum – 3 gallon


Blue Muffin® Viburnum – 3 gallon


Crisp white flowers adorn the Blue Muffin® Arrowwood Viburnum in the early summer and give way for small blue berries which adorn the green foliage in the late summer season throughout fall. This very showy deciduous shrub attracts songbirds with its vibrant blue berries, is deer resistant, loves the sun, and is easy to maintain. Viburnums make for excellent hedges, foundation plantings, group plantings, and mixed borders. The upright habit also makes it great to use as a screen.

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Viburnum dentatum ‘Christom’

  • Pot Size: 3 gallon
  • Mature Height: 6′
  • Mature Width: 6′
  • Flower Season: Summer
  • Sun: Part to Full Sun
  • Hardiness Zone: 3 to 8