Lemon Glow Camellia - 3 gallon


Lemon Glow Camellia - 3 gallon


The Lemon Glow shows off its light cream, golden-yellow double flower bloom from winter to spring.  This variety of camellia reaches a mature height of 8-15 feet and a width of 6-10 feet. Used as a feature plant, beds and borders, woodland border, hedges, espalier, and foundation.  Since the Lemon Glow fairs best in sheltered, protective areas from intense afternoon sun, they have become poplar planted under large, shaded mature trees.

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Camellia japonica ‘Lemon Glow’

  • Pot Size: 3 Gallon
  • Mature Height: 8-15′
  • Mature Width: 6-10′
  • Flower Season: Winter to Spring
  • Sun: Part shade
  • Hardiness Zone: 6 to 9