Midnight Flare Azalea - 3 gallon


Midnight Flare Azalea - 3 gallon


The Midnight Flare Azalea stands bold with its deep, rich lipstick red colored flowers that has yours neighbors raving in admiration. The blooms are the deepest, darkest, blazing fiery red that look like they’ve been chiseled out of wax. The flowers engulf this evergreen in the spring and are set off by dark green, brilliant, shiny leaves. The Midnight Flare reaches a mature height of 3-5 feet and a width of 4 feet. Uses include mass planting, container, foundation, mixed border, or as cut flowers and show off an explosion of vibrant, red, dazzling appeal in your home.

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Azalea x ‘Midnight Flare’

  • Pot Size: 3 Gallon
  • Mature Height: 3-5′
  • Mature Width: 4′
  • Flower Season: Spring
  • Sun: Partial Shade
  • Hardiness Zone: 6-9