Landscape and Garden Tips for November

November may not be prime gardening season, but there’s still a lot of work and preparation you can do in your garden during this month. Preparing it for the colder weather to come can be especially important in areas that freeze. This blog contains lots of landscape and garden tips for you to follow in November.

Keep feeding and watering your plants

Your garden might not need as much watering and fertilizing as it did in the summer, but these are still important practices to keep up at this time of year. Keep watering your plants and lawn until the ground freezes, but doing it less often can help to strengthen your plants’ roots. Fertilizing now will also help your garden survive through winter and come back stronger when spring arrives.

Planting in November

While a lot of things won’t survive if you plant them now, there are still things you can add to your garden in November. Planting evergreen trees at this time is popular because it adds some color to your garden as everything else starts to die or become dormant. Trees like the Brazilian Pepper or the Tipu Tree are good choices.

Some bulbs can also be planted in November so that they are ready to bloom come springtime. Tulip bulbs can be planted now, for example, and will add some wonderful colors to your landscape in a few months’ time.

Your winter vegetable garden

The other things you should focus on planting in November are winter vegetables. As less needs doing in the garden over winter, it is good to have a winter vegetable garden to tend to, and you’ll reap great rewards for your kitchen. Here’s a list of the top 10 vegetables to grow over winter. They include broad beans, garlic, spinach, and spring cabbage, but there are lots more that are suitable for winter growing.

Make sure you look after your season vegetables properly. You should water your winter veggies regularly throughout the season to keep them thriving. Leaving them to dry out between watering them can help to strengthen the roots, though, so don’t water too often. Fertilizing your winter crops once a month also helps to feed their growth.

So, don’t stay out of the garden just because the weather’s going cold. There is still plenty you can be doing to make your landscape look even better. You can find all of your landscape supplies from Stratford Landscape Supply, or get in touch for landscaping services around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.